Hello! I am Arden (Extrardenary), and welcome to my blog page. Join me on my journey with this blog and see where it leads us. Here, I post a wide variety of things, ranging from poetry, tangents, diary-like entries, and short stories. I found a home in pencil lead and college ruled paper atop a green victorian desk. Language has been my first love and will always be my stability. This blog is where I have found comfort in my writing, as well as complete awe in knowing that my writing impacts and moves others. I am a simple teenage writer; all I’ve ever wanted is for my art to move others in such a way they create their own.

I am just another teenager going through high school, writing a blog. Feel free to reach out to me! I love hearing and responding to you.


Instagram – @Extrardenary

Email – extrardenary@gmail.com


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy Wolfe says:

    I feel as if I am reading your mother’s writing when I read your blog, but you add your own flair, too. You have such a gift; glad you are writing!!

    1. Caroline says:

      I love you. My sweetest, brightest, beautiful Arden. You are an amazing woman with a strong voice. But forgive me if I wish you’d stop growing up!!!! I love you sunshine, more than words can say.

  2. Shea says:

    Love your posts sooooo much !!!! Quite the writer and very inspiring!!! I have to say my jaw dropped reading that you were a teenager writing this amazing work!😉💐👏

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