Where Are You?

I promised I’d always find you but you’ve stolen the sun and now I’m lost.

You’re Going To Live Forever In Me

1,461 nights ago, your heart stopped in your chest and starting beating alongside mine. Your soul left your body and ours joined seamlessly though I am not entirely sure our souls were ever separate to begin with. We are made of the same stars the same flowing ink on pages of never written novels the…


4 years ago today I was told you wouldn’t make it. 4 years ago today I didn’t think I would either.

I’m Freezing Over

I don’t understand how you can claim to love someone still so deeply yet feed them icy silence, ignoring their open hand.

Bridges, Burning.

You stood there watching from afar as I writhed gasping for breath as my lungs filled with smoke from the all the bridges of mine that you set flame to bridges I had built with others the bridges that belonged to me bridges you had no right to.


There are journals and canvases scattered all over the floor left from my 2 AM song lyrics and watercolor ramblings and somehow, their disarrayed arrangement is art within itself that kind of organized chaos I feel like it reflects what my mind looks like currently. Watercolored silhouettes with blended colors, all nonsense unless explained yet…

Writer’s Decongestant

Now I know that this is not a time for us. There are too many miles separating and not enough trust to build off of. I am not asking that you ignore those circumstances, that would be far beyond reason to ask of even myself. In fact, I am not asking anything of you at…

Bonfire Heart

I was aimlessly flipping through my journals aged three years, only to see a letter I had begun to write for you a couple months ago. Buried beneath pages filled with ramblings from a freshman class, there was my handwriting from only a few months ago, graphite still fresh. “Dearest, There are no words for…