Ever since you stepped off my doorstep and boarded the plane, I’ve found myself subconsciously wishing each one passing overhead is one holding you brining you back home to me. It’s only been four days and it feels like weeks. I spend each hour finding new ways to miss you and with each day comes a…

An Eclipse

With you no longer here, no longer in my arms or even the same country, the light has dimmed. You are the sun, the brightness in my life and without you here, the days resume the same dullness the held before you. Tonight starts the month-long eclipse.


Headlights passing passing passing Perched on the overhang of the overpass with you beside me. Arm wrapped gently around my shoulders holding me close holding me together. The tip of the unnoticeably less than full moon begins to radiate through the distant bare trees. I looked over at you and realized the moon resembled the reflection of…

Unsent, Unsaid

So much never said never spoken never sent never to be known. I still have so much left to say that I never did and now never can. Do you?