A buried castle deems enchanted, fate gives her imagination. Jubilation keenly loops mystery, never omnipresent. Perhaps quaint red slippers tangle up velvet with xenon yellowed zebras.

Wildflower Words

And here my writing returns back to the oh-so-expected sense of romance the stereotypical and too often dull sense of imagined spark of a seemingly blinded heart falling without any way of catching something to lighten the fall. Poetry of such can far too often turn to a routine written by a blatherskite but life is so…

You Kiss In Colors

It was a moment. A quick, beautiful moment that can only be described as indescribable. We had spent the night celebrating our show with our peers blasting Ed Sheeran and drinking room temperature Coca-Cola. You walked me up to my door and for the first time in months I felt safe. I felt genuinely happy with somebody….


“See? Butterflies every time.” Every time.


Between the gentle swinging of the hammock and the steady rhythm of your heart, that night became my favorite song. Lyrics in the constellations, acoustic guitar in the hum of our voices, and the gentle drum of your heartbeat. Everything was so simple. It felt natural, easy, beautiful, peaceful. Words can’t express how serene I…