Award Winning Poetry


I entered a poetry contest.

I submitted three poems; Bittersweet Sacrifices, Oh How You’ve Grown, and Rain. I wasn’t sure which of these would get the best response, if any response at all. I went into this contest excitedly, putting my work into the world. I didn’t expect to hear anything back from it. It was simply a first time experience and I was elated to participate.

One month later, I received an email.

“Congratulations! You are a winner in the poetry contest!”

My heart dropped. Me? I won? My work, my writing, one of my poems won a contest? I reread this email who knows how many times. It was confirmed. I had won 3rd place in the 9th-10th grade category.

Fast forward to about a week later.

The award ceremony.

Front row with my dad and little sister Elise. Wearing my 70s denim button up skirt and royal blue tank with a white sweater and ankle boots. Surrounded by other award winning poets. Food.

The judges and librarians went through the judging process and I realized just how bizarre and amazing it was that I had been selected as a winner.

There had been hundreds of entries and they had been gone through and through and through and mine made it past each and every time. My poem made it past hundreds of others and made people feel something that provoked them to keep it.

After they announced the winners and everyone was given their awards, we went up and read our poems. After that, I had several people come up to me and tell me how touching my poem was and that it brought them to tears. I was so in shock that I didn’t know what to do, so I simply said “I don’t know whether to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m sorry'” with a slight laugh. The whole room was filled with loving, talented, and caring people and I was so honored to be there.

I am so happy that I entered the poetry contest and that I have had this marvelous experience.



Hey guys.

Guess what.

I am an award winning poet.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. IvyAnna says:

    Congratulations!! This is amazing! 🙂

  2. beckytimblin says:

    Congratulations Beautiful! I know mom is smiling down on you and your sisters everyday!

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