The “Don’t Judge Challenge” and Why It’s Ridiculous 

Social media holds many trends for today’s youth, most of which are bizarre and aggravating. The latest one happens to be the “Don’t Judge Challenge” in which attractive people make themselves look “unattractive” by blanking out teeth, drawing on acne and unibrows, wearing glasses, messing up their hair and acting ridiculous. After a three second clip of them like that, they show themselves looking “attractive”, with makeup and hair done well. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion. I found myself ranting about it earlier today and decided I may as well share the video with you. Here you go, an unscripted unedited video of my thoughts on this challenge.

  “The ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’ is ridiculous. It’s just attractive people making themselves look ‘ugly’ so they can seem more attractive. Braces don’t make you unattractive. Acne doesn’t make you unattractive. Glasses don’t make you unattractive. Eyebrows, bad eyebrows,  what? That doesn’t make you unattractive. The only thing that makes someone unattractive in ignorance. You just…it’s not physical appearance. Stop this.

There’s so much more depth to a person than what they look like. Start to appreciate who a person is, the constellations within them, rather than what they look like, if their eyebrows are perfect enough or if their hair is straightened. Start appreciating people for who they are and what they’ve been through.

This is me. I’m not perfect in any way, shape, or form. Neither are you or the next person. Nobody is perfect and we need to learn to accept that. People need to realize looks and beauty are artificial. The important thing, what truly matters is who we are. It’s not what we look like. That’s ridiculous. For example, I’m Arden; a girl who writes to breathe and who is mildly obsessed with cats. Just like you are you. You do the things you love to keep going and you have little quirks and you’re fascinated with the strangest little things. 

It doesn’t matter who or what we talk like or who we are born from or where we are born from. It’s our souls that matter.”


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