Latest Obsession

Recently, I came across “Iron-On T-Shirt Designing”, and watched various videos on YouTube about it, becoming immediatley infatuated. I personally love it because you take any shirt, jacket, pair of pants, pillow case, back pack, anything , and you can make it literally one of a kind.

So far, I have made a 5SOS Tally shirt on a blue sleeved baseball tee. I am so in love with it, and it was my first time doing it, and I could not be more proud. I love this band and I got to find a shirt my size, in a color and style I like, and I got to pick the size and location of the tally. This just makes me very happy.


I have also made an Ed Sheeran A Team lyric shirt, specifically “The worst things in life come free to us.” I love that lyric, along with every lyric he’s ever written. I picked this song specifically because my mom adored this song, and the lyric is beyond true. We do not ask for our loved ones to die or for a divorce or for mental disorders. Those things simply come with the price of life.

This experience has inspired me to create my own mini-clothing line, so I will be looking into that. If I did go into it, I would be selling personalized shirts, fandom merch (from several fantoms, like books/TV shows, music, etc.), popular styles, and other things I personally enjoy. What would you like to see if I opened a shop? Shoot me a response below!


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