Friend Group

We all have our friend groups, and every person has their little role the contribute to make the group a delightful fruit salad of personalities, rather than a bland, stale piece of bread. Typically, you can easily pick out which person plays which role in a friend group, so I decided I’d list the roles my friends have taken, as well as additionals I have seen in other groups.

The Sass-A-Frass ~ You cannot have a friend group without a Sass-A-Frass. Nope. No can do.They are typically on the “preppy” side, and are very mannered (which is not at all a bad thing, just pointing it out), and they will ALWAYS have on some form of a monogram, whether it’s their sweater, button-up, socks, Tieks, Sperry’s, backpack (this is a must), hair bow, binder, or purse, and possibly even glasses. 

The Eye Roller ~ The Eye Roller is commonly a redhead, although other hair variations may occur. She will roll her eyes at just about anything you say, like when you tell her about a new cute boy in class (understandable), complain about gym, or offer her a cookie. She would not only make it into the “Eye Rolling” Olympics, she would win gold. Eye Rollers tend to be quite ticklish, especially on their sides. “Tazing” them is the best way to get them to snap out of eye rolling for a moment. 

The One With The Relationship ~ She is undenibly beautiful, no doubt, but she is just so strange. She is commonly found with a lunchbox on her head, her fingers in a pretzel-like formation, or speaking of anime and/or “mind-landfills”. The One With The Relationship tends to have a strange love for peculiar foods, as well as baby ducks.

The Singer(s) ~ There is absolutlely no denying that you would listen to The Singer(s) voices all day, constantly on repeat. Their raw talent is so amazing, it almost makes you feel bad about your not-as-fabulous vocal chords, but then you remember your shower concerts that only you can attend. So fabulous.

The Dancer(s) ~ These Dancer(s) are outstandingly impecable. Like, how? They manage to defy gravity and the laws that say When-Someone-Tries-To-Spin-On-One-Foot-They-Should-Fall-Down-After-One-To-Two-Rotations and It-Is-Not-Possible-For-People-To-Move-Their-Feet-So-Quickly-And-Quitely. Sometimes, you even question them being human.

The Normal One ~ What? Normal One? I wasn’t aware “normal” existed anymore. 


That raps up this post! I’ll see you next stop on our lovely adventure, wherever we may go.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anh says:

    I’m actually wondering which one am I ? lol XD ily Arden. miss you lots and I hope we’re gonna hang out again some times. love you gorgeous ❤
    P.S : keep up with this fabulous blog :)x

  2. Ash says:

    So like who am i

  3. banana says:

    You summed me up just about right;3
    But I’m single now
    And I really don’t like baby snakes
    And I really love you
    Like a lot

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