Introducing Me

As you can probably tell, this is indeed my first post on this blog. I am very excited to start this and create a journey with all of you lovelies. Before we kick-start our adventure though, I figured you should probably know a bit about me.

I am Arden (hence, extrardenary), and I highly enjoy poetry, photography, traveling (or the mere idea of traveling the world. See wanderlust), and clothing. I have absolutely amazing friends, one of which who actually as a blog of her own. She is a bit sassy, with a lot of classy, Maggie Royce. My wonderful friends have helped me through so much and have pulled me out of the dumps on the dumpiest days. I also have a wonderful family, of whom which you will continue to hear more about throughout our little journey. I am a bit of a cat fanatic, and I am proud to say so. My kitten (technically cat, but she is so tiny and lovable, I mean, she still acts like a kitten, so I can still call her one, right?) Primrose is the sweetest flame point siamese you will ever come across. I also enjoy Oreos and Rice Krispy Treats, and the occasional Twix (okay, not occasional). I am a heavy reader, meaning I am always reading something, if not multiple books. My favorite author by far is the outstanding John Green. The Fault In Our Stars has such a close connection to my life (which you will learn more about), making it even more difficult for me to not rank it as my #1. Food is something that is always on my mind, like most people. For me, it’s not only eating the deliciousness though. It is the  process of creating the beautiful, delectable delight. I’ve always enjoyed baking and cooking, and I continue too. I routinely cook dinners, lunches, and breakfasts for my family as well as bake wonderful treats. Music is kind of my everything. I don’t play any instruments or sing, but listening is what I am a pro at doing. I love having jam sessions in my room to The 19755SOS, Bruno MarsLana Del Rey, and The Neighbourhood, or having a feel-good playlist with One DirectionTaylor SwiftDemi LovatoImagine Dragons, and Lorde. I also love going “Tune Hunting” for new music, bands, and artists. 

Now that you know a decent amount about me, a feel we are ready to start our adventure together. See you next stop!


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  1. Ashie says:

    I love you Aggie you are the best friend in the world and I will always be there for you. You are the BEST. And no matter what happens I will always love you. 😘❤️💕👼👼👼

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